Well guys, it’s happened again.  C2E2 is right around the corner, I have tons of commissions to get done, two corporate design projects, and a full time comic gig.  I really tried get a page up this week, but I just couldn’t make it happen.  Too many paid gigs right now.  Also, I only have one page before I run out of backup again, so I need a few days to build up my page library.  I know this is gonna hurt, but, I don’ t think I can upload any pages until the 28th of April, the Monday after C2E2.  I hope that’s ok.  Space-Mullet is so important to me, but I need to make sure I pay for my rent, etc, before I work on it.  I pride myself on only missing a few updates since I started it in 2012.  I know you guys understand.


I love you all!  Thanks for reading, and see you the 28th!


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