Hey all,


First off, sorry about there being no page up on Monday.  It was my 2 year anniversary with my awesome wife, and I’m right around deadline time for another book, so I’ll be back with regular updates on Thursday.  (sorry about that)    HOWEVER, my 5 page backup story is coming out in Prophet 43 tomorrow!  Brandon Graham was kind enough to let me create this for Prophet, and I’m super thankful and honored to be a part of one of my favorite sci fi comics of all time.  Needless to say, when going to the comic shop tomorrow, check it out!


A special thanks to all my readers here.  This was a huge opportunity, and a big part of it was Space-Mullet, with all its fans.  YOU guys helped make that happen, and I’m forever thankful.  another big thanks to my colorist on this project, Doug Garbark.  What a swell job he did.  Hire this guy!