Here is the 2nd page before Monday.  I just recently finished drawing page 18 as well, so I’m keeping a steady pace on the development of the comic, even as I continually upload pages.  I’ve been in Washington DC for the past few days, hanging out with my brother(who also helped with the coding of this site) and it’s been great.  Meeting up with old friends, and meeting new ones is always special, especially when it’s in a place I’m unfamiliar with.  Also, the heat hasn’t been too bad this weekend, which is a blessing.  I went to a local comic book shop yesterday, called Big Planet Comics, and it was really nice.  The shop manager was really talkative and friendly, and I picked up Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, vol 1.  Super inspiring. I can only hope I can include that much detail in Space-Mullet someday.  I will be sure to blog about this soon. Anyway, it’s been a good time, and encouraging to be able to share my art with so many new people.

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