And with that ridiculous roundhouse kick, we come to the end of our combat portion.  Story’s not quite done yet, though, folks.  Stay tuned.


Speaking of that kick, it is a shoutout/love letter to one of my biggest inspirations, the Appleseed manga series, by Masamune Shirow.  A lot of you have noticed the similarities my character Howard shares with  the cyborg  Briareos.  Once I read this (over 2 years ago), I knew I had to have a roundhouse kick finisher!  Space-Mullet is a story that I want and need to tell people, but there’s no reason I can’t have a ton of fun while I’m doing it.



I did a little podcast interview with the guys over at the Death of Comics Podcast.  We mostly talk about Space-Mullet, my process, with some newborn baby strategy talk and reflections on high school experiences thrown in.  Thanks for the great conversation, guys!


As always, thanks for reading, and see you Monday.