Hey all!


So, unfortunately, I can’t fit in any comic updates this week.  Today is LABOR DAY (woo!) and I’m going to the Cincy Comicon next weekend.  I’m working on some new prints to sell there(Not quite done with those yet), and I’ll post them here later in the week.   Ahhhhh so much to do, including finishing commissions!  Also, CLEANING THE APARTMENT.  Here’s what my wife and I look like when we cleannn:


Dan and Rachel cleaning web



Also, as far as commissions go, here’s one I did of Jonah!  I really love the way this one came out!


Jonah Commission web


In other news, if you contributed to the Speculative Relationships Kickstarter, the orders have been going out all this past week, and we are continuing to ship them out!  Tyrell Cannon and Scott Kroll have been instrumental in making sure everyone has been taken care of, so thank them if you have the chance.    A few nights ago I went to Tyrell’s place to do some backer reward sketches.  Here’s some in progress shots:

dan drawing 1    dan drawing 2'    dan drawing 3




And that’s it for now!  Thank you all, for your patience as I keep working on Space-Mullet.  I’ll be back first thing a week from today!!!  Hopefully see you all at Cincy!