Hey All!


So, many I’m sure have already heard, but, a few weekends ago it was announced that after being online for over three years, SPACE-MULLET is coming out IN PRINT with Dark Horse Comics in March 2016!




I can hardly believe it, honestly.  Until I hold the book in my hands, until I can flip through it, it doesn’t seem real.  Which brings me to why there haven’t been updates lately!  I’m basically re lettering all of the first 4 chapters of Space-Mullet, fixing files, making sure every color is backed and trapped, etc etc, to get it all ready for print.  It’s taking a beastly long time, which is sucking away from creating pages.  This isn’t an excuse, just an update.  I am still working on SM every day, just in ways you can’t see yet!  I’m about halfway through the pages now, so when I wrap up in November, pages will come out more regularly then.


So while you’re waiting for new pages, you can take this time to go to your LOCAL COMIC SHOP and TALK THIS THING UP!  Order copies!  It’s all about the comic retailers, and if they don’t think something will sell (“The title is Space-Mullet??”) They won’t order it!  So make it clear to them you’re invested.  I’ll have retailer order numbers up here soon.


I’m doing Inktober again, just for fun, it’s a simple story about a monster boxer. You can follow me on twitter here (@danielwarrenart) or on Instagram (Boston1987) if you want to check it out.

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And, a big THANK YOU to those who have been there since the beginning, since 2 years, since yesterday.  You guys MADE this happen.  FINALLY, Jonah and the gang will be in comic shops, where I’ve always wanted them to be in the first place.  You guys ROCK.  Seriously.  Thank you.