Hey all,


first off, just want to apologize for my lack of posts/communication.  I got back from vacation and I just didn’t have the time to set aside to keep up with pages, upload, etc.  Doing my best to juggle several books with Marvel and Dark Horse, but no matter how I shake it, Space-Mullet gets pushed behind, so sorry about that.  I’ll try to be better.


In some other REALLY COOL news, Space-Mullet got nominated for a HARVEY AWARD!  Yeah, you heard it right.  Nominated for “Best Online Comics Work!”  WOW!  Needless to say I’m flabbergasted and honored to be on the same list as Mike Norton and Brian K Vaughan.  Wowwowowowow.  So thanks to you, dear readers, for sticking with this series and all your support.  I would NOT be here without you.