Hey friends!  Welcome to a new chapter!  A few things:


This chapter is mainly for me to have some fun.  I’ve got a lot of other freelance work happening right now, and I need something light to keep me excited.  I’m still making Space-Mullet in my time off, so I gotta keep it peppy for a bit.  :)    This is a quick, 22 page action story that I think everyone is going to like (I hope)!  Don’t worry though, I have plenty of heavy later on in the story!    I hope you guys dig the cover for now.


Also, I was part of a MOOC last night, where I talked with www.makingcomics.com about starting to create new stories and pitches either for yourself or other publishers.  I talk with a lot of other creators in comics, so it was an honor to be included!  You can check it out here:


See you all Monday for some fun!