Hey friends.


So sorry about the radio silence.  I’ve been super busy lately, which means I had to cut back on page creation, which now basically means I’m drawing entire pages the day before I post em!  This is good, because I make my best work when under pressure, but it’s also BAD, because I run out of time before they’re supposed to go up.  *facepalm*.  Doing my best, however.  I also whacked myself in the face with my guitar early this week, and bent my nose pretty bad.  It’s now crooked, but not broken.  Lame.  Lots of doctor stuff getting in the way.  ARGH.  Sorry again, guys!


BTW, I  will be  at C2E2 this year again!  I will be splitting a table with the awesome Tyrell Cannon.  I am also working on a VERY big gig for somebody VERY important.  Very cool news, which I will tell you all about as soon as I can.


Thanks for all your support and patience and awesome comments.  Luv you all.