Hey friends!


Sorry this page is coming late in the day.  I have a good excuse though!  Dark Horse Comics recently asked me to come on board their EVE Online: True Stories book.  So, for the entirety of December, I’m working on the fourth issue of the series, written by Daniel Way!  It’s a great opportunity, and hopefully it will bring me some new Space-Mullet readers.  Don’t worry, I have enough pages done of SM that it shouldn’t be a problem to continue updating.  I’ll keep you in the loop, though.


In other news, I’m collaborating with a sweet writer on a new miniseries to pitch to publishers.  I can’t say who it is yet, but as soon as the pitch is put together I’ll let you guys in on it!


Thanks for reading Space-Mullet, guys!  Because of you, it’s brought me paying gigs!  Pay rent with comics!  Yeah!


Have a good week and of course, see you Thursday.