Hey all,


First off, thanks for your patience this past week.  It was healthy and good for me to step away from the Space-Mullet drawing table for a while and focus on my family, especially my awesome and strong wife.  She’s been a trooper and managed to care for me even in the midst of brokenheartedness, something I think she learned from my mother in law.  So, enjoy this new page of Space-Mullet, and I’ve also included a comic I made for the memorial service this past Saturday. I’m very thankful to my wife’s family for trusting me with this.  There are some parts I’d like to make better, (I made this in about 48 hours), I was rushing through it quite a lot.  I am very happy with the cover, however.


I hope you guys can relate to this in some small way.  Thanks for reading.

deidre front sm cover

Page 10001

Page 10002

Page 10004

Page 10006

Page 10008

Page 10010

Page 10012

Page 10014

Page 10015

deidre sm deidreback fo sm cover