Wow!  And that’s the end of Chapter 3!  What a ride!  I gotta say, when I was on page 25 or so, it was a dark time…I was having trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  BUT, I finished it, I’m proud of it, and THANK YOU for reading all of this so far!  Chapter 3 was a lot of characterization and setup,(which was hopefully still entertaining), but Chapter 4 is going to get action packed in a big way.


On Thursday, I’m uploading the cover to Chapter 4, (which will also be for sale as a print at Wizard World!).  I usually upload covers in between pages, but I won’t have time this week to put another page together when I’m trying to get ready for WW.  Hopefully this cover(which I’m super proud of) will make you guys happy.  Full color!


List of things I’ll have at Wizard World:

-Zombie portrait stuff $30 to $55

-Commissions–$50 to $80

-My 2013 Sketchbook–$8

-Assorted Prints-$12

-I’ll also have my best originals with me that you can look through, if you so desire!


Hopefully I’ll see you guys there!  ENJOY THE LAST PAGE OF CHAPTER 3!!!!!!!