Hey all,


I totally forgot to include what I’m charging for commissions at Wizard World Chicago this year.  For my colored zombie portraits, it’s $30 for one person, $40 for two people.


For other commissions (like a Punisher or a Hellboy or something), $50 for just the character, $80 with a background.  These are black and white, ink/inkwash pieces on 9x 12 inch bristol board.  I’ll post examples later. (EDIT) Check below) The reason for the higher price tag is because I have to do these at home in my studio, and they take me wayy longer than zombie portraits.


If you aren’t in the area but want a commission, please email me!  artisticgorillaprod@gmail.com .  Let me make you something badass!


Here’s an example of a Punisher commission, with no B/G:


Punisher tyrell commission web




See you all soon.