Wow, 30 pages in to Chapter 3 already!  Time has flown by.  This page really moves things forward.  I love the pacing I have, but it’s tough with a webcomic that only updates twice a week.  I’ll try to throw some extra pages in soon.  There’s about 45-50 pages in Chapter 3, and then we move straight into chapter 4.  Get excited.


CAKE was great…I met some awesome people, with awesome work.


Dakota McFadzean, who has some amazing, evocative graphic novels.  He has a bunch of journal/daily comics up in a webcomic format.  Really nice guy as well.


Beth Hetland.  She’s got some great mini comics and graphic novels that you should read.


Tyrell Cannon, who I already knew, but here’s a link to his blog just in case you didn’t CLICK ON IT BEFORE click click click.


I also met the interior artist of Ka-Boom’s Bravest Warriors Comic, Mike Holmes.  Also a cool dude.


I was also really impressed by Peter Wartman, who has a graphic novel debt at CAKE called Over the Wall, published by Uncivilized Books.  His linework is pristine.  And he has a purple one tone over his black and white work, just like Space-Mullet.  Check this cover out:



See you Thursday!