During comic con, and after, quite a few people have told me that my style reminds them of some Simon Roy drawings, who helped revamp the comic series Prophet.  I’m a hug fan of Roy, so this made me seriously happy.  So, to warm up to finish a Space-Mullet page, I tried my hand for the first time at drawing John Prophet.  Started with mechanical pencil, then moved to Holbein drawing ink with my No. 0 Windsor Newton Series 7, and finished with some Copics.  A good time!


The Prophet trade comes out August 22nd.  If you’re into comics at all, I would buy it.  If the art isn’t enough, check out this awesome inventory panel in issue 21.   Nerd-nastic.


I WILL have something like this coming up in Space-Mullet.  It’s just too cool to not include it.  Such a geek.
Post on Comic Con coming soon, promise.